My preferred method of payment is paypal. They take credit cards and work in most countries around the world. I realize that some cannot pay using paypal, and have added alternate methods of payment. They are not the only alternate methods I will accept, but they were suggested to me by customers. If you know of any service that would work better in your area, please email and let me know.

Western Union
Smiths # 69
1174 W. 600 N.
Salt Lake City, Utah 84116
USA Phone 801-363-1037

Albertsons #0380
140 N. 900 W.
Salt Lake City, Utah 84116-3334
USA Phone 801-532-7530

All you should need to do is "Send Payment to Richard Healey." I live a short distance from both of these locations. Please Email me to let me know when to go to either of these locations to pick up money. You will also need to give me your name, address, and any other information needed by these companies to pick up funds. I have not investigated prices on either of these, but they will generally cost you more then sending it via paypal. Paypal charges me the transaction fee instead of you. When buying through the paypal links, you will automatically have download links emailed to you.

Another option is mail money to me.

Richard Healey
976 N Poinsettia Dr.
Salt Lake City, UT 84116

You can mail check, cash, Money Order (US funds only). Please include your email information, so that I can email download information to you.

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