Test Builder is a online testing package created to offer tests through your web site. It is designed to be a easy testing solution. The code is written in ASP and it uses a Access database to store its data. With a little modification you could also use MS SQL, MySQL or other database to store data in.

Once installed on your server, anyone that knows how to use a web browser (and knows the admin user name/password) can Add, Delete, Edit Tests, Questions, and Users. Tests can be given without users being logged in, as the sample tests above are done. You can also set up the tests to be taken after a user logs in.

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Please try one of our sample tests. Tests are chosen randomly from a pool of questions. Both question and answer order are randomized, to prevent people from memorizing question/answer pairs. Feel free to take the sample tests a few times to understand how this works.

Once you have tried out our sample tests you can use the menu on the left to try other testing options. You can also buy the full version of Test Builder to install on your server by clicking the Buy Test Builder button. The cost for a single site Licence is $49.95.00 you may also download the free version here Free Test Builder. If you plan to use Test Builder on more then one site, you will need to buy a site licence for each site you plan to use the code on. Please contact me if you would like to buy an unlimited site licence.

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