Database consists of 4 main tables Pictures which holds the name and other picture info including points and picture score.  The points are granted bassed on rating and picture viewing.  Score is points divided by days since last modified.  All pictures are started with 10,000 points a point is added for each page view and 100 points * rating when rated so rating of 8 would add 800 points.

Attributes are the picture subjects.  These are used for labling the images for example a picture of a elephant at a zoo could have a attribute of Elephant, Zoo, and Animal.  These attributes are used in the system for grouping image together and navigation around images in the site. Linking table to link pictures to attributes.

Ratings table to hold the picture/ip of the person ratting images.  and lastly a users table to hold the user info.  There is also 9 sp at this time used in various locations in the site.

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