Richard Lynn Healey
976 N. Poinsettia Dr.
Salt Lake City, UT 84116
(801) 521-4453

Custom Programming: I am available for custom programming jobs or full time employment in the SLC Area in Utah. My area of interests is website development in .net or classic ASP. I have experience working on small and large client site. My skills include SQL server and database design. I enjoy working on dynamic database driven sites. If you are in need of help on your site please contact me using the contact info here on this page.

Rates: I charge $40 an hour for custom programming projects. I am willing to work by the project and or bid on a job. I am available for long or short term projects. Rates may very depending on the length of the contract.

Examples of work : For the last year I have been working on long term contracts for a local contracting company here in SLC, UT. I have worked on various clients including, SanDisk, IBM, SBC, Dia Learning, and others. I have also developed 2 years ago some custom software designed in ASP using an access database. You can view it here on this site and even down load a working demo of it.

Long Term Jobs: The best long term example of my work was with DIA Learning spanning more then 2 years where I worked with a team and developed a online testing program for certification credits. A sample site where you can view the finished product can be found here. Which is a Test Drive version of there site to show off how there product works. I should note here that the basis of the testing system is a modified version of my Test Builder code and that all the back end dynamics of the site and database was designed by me but the front end was designed by others working on the team.

Simple Sites : I am also in the market to make simple sites created to market your product in a simple and inexpensive way. Example of this type of work is a site my wife and I created for a friend of the family, you can find them here

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